Linx Technologies

- Linx Technologies makes wireless simple by developing and manufacturing wireless products that are easy for engineers of all skill levels to use. The company's RF modules, remote controls, evaluation kits and master development systems feature straightforward hardware configuration and clear documentation. Linx products make it simple for engineers and hobbyists to integrate wireless features without the hassle and expense of engineering RF functionality from scratch.

For customers who need help implementing Linx modules, Linx offers design services including board layout assistance, programming, certification advice and packaging design. For more complex RF solutions, Apex Wireless, a division of Linx Technologies, creates optimized designs with RF components and firmware selected for the customer's application.

Linx's Antenna Factor division has the industry's broadest selection of antennas for a wide variety of applications. For customers with specialized needs, custom antennas and design services are available along with simulations of antenna performance to speed development.

Linx also carries a variety of RF connectors, cable assemblies and battery holders. Custom cable assemblies are available for customers with specialized needs. These products used to be sold under the Connector City brand.

PDF Part Photo Part Number Manufacturers Description
Datasheet BBA-519-A Linx Technologies Inc. MODULE RF AMP HI-POWER BROADBAND
Datasheet BBA-322-A Linx Technologies Inc. MODULE RF AMP HI-GAIN BROADBAND
Datasheet SDM-USB-QS-S Linx Technologies Inc. IC CONTROLLER USB MODULE
Datasheet LICAL-ENC-LS001 Linx Technologies Inc. IC ENCODER LOW SECURITY 8DIP
Datasheet LICAL-DEC-LS001 Linx Technologies Inc. IC DECODER LOW SECURITY 8DIP
Datasheet LICAL-DEC-HS001 Linx Technologies Inc. IC DECODER HS SERIES 20-SSOP
Datasheet LICAL-ENC-HS001 Linx Technologies Inc. IC ENCODER HS SERIES 20-SSOP
Datasheet LICAL-ENC-MS001 Linx Technologies Inc. IC ENCODER MS SERIES 20-SSOP
Datasheet LICAL-DEC-MS001 Linx Technologies Inc. IC DECODER MS SERIES 20-SSOP
Datasheet LICAL-EDC-DS001 Linx Technologies Inc. IC ENCODE/DECODE DS SERIES 28SSO
Datasheet LICAL-TRC-MT Linx Technologies Inc. IC TRANSCODER MT BI-DIR 20-SSOP
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